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UI (ReactJs) Developer
Job Description:
Focuses on learning the craft and how to work in a team productively, in particular: - Guided by team members, contributes simple features and bug fixes and provides matching test cases. - Finds suitable work items in the team backlog with the help of other team members. - Participates in team activities such as backlog grooming, planning, daily stand-ups, and retrospectives. - Participates in code and design reviews. - Is aware of the team's continuous integration pipeline and fixes broken builds as necessary. - Learns how to improve readability and maintainability of code. - Continuously improves themselves and the code they produce. - Develops an understanding of the problem domain their team works on. • Experience in Web and API development • Experience in ReactJS with Typescript • Experience in Azure Cloud development (API Apps, API Management, API Gateways) • Experience in developing and deploying (DevOps) Microservices
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