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Why make a Bootstrapy Website if there is TailwindCss!


Why A Developer Should Learn Reactjs?

Tailwind is different from frameworks like Bootstrap, Foundation, or Bulma in that it is not a UI kit.

Most UI frameworks like Bootstrap, Material UI, Bulma etc. have pre-designed UI components like cards, buttons, navbars, alerts. You use those components and create designs on top of those components.

But in Tailwind CSS, you do not get a pre-designed set of components. You get utility-classes. You can combine those to create your layout and components.
Because Tailwind is so low-level, it never encourages you to design the same site twice. Even with the same color palette and sizing scale, it is easy to build the same component with a completely different look in the next project.
It does not have a default theme, and there are no built-in UI components.


On the flip side, it also has no opinion about how your site should look and does not impose design decisions that you have to fight to undo.

If you are looking for a framework that comes with a menu of predesigned widgets to build your site with, Tailwind might not be the right framework for you.

But if you want a huge head start implementing a custom design with its own identity, Tailwind might be just what you are looking for.


Creating a framework for building custom UIs means you can not provide abstractions at the usual level of buttons, forms, cards, navbars, etc.

Instead, Tailwind provides highly composable, low-level utility classes that make it easy to build complex user interfaces without encouraging any two sites to look the same.


If you use Tailwind CSS, you do not need to write custom styles for handling responsiveness for different screen sizes. You can use Tailwind responsive utilities to handle it easily.

Frameworks like Bootstrap have one major disadvantage. Due to increased growth and usage, they became too big and offer less control over their styles. Learning frameworks like Bootstrap has become increasingly challenging because developers have to learn hundreds of classes.

Tailwind and bootstrap both have their place in the development landscape, but you are better off to learn raw CSS as a fundamental skill first, then try and use both of the frameworks and make your decisions in a position of understanding.

So that was it from this article😇.Hope you find this article helpful. Please share your thoughts.